The band Foucalt was formed in autumn 2012 in Oslo, Norway. After two years of intensive search for identity, the band self-releases the album Selling Death (September 2014). It’s a collection of early works of the group, dominated by metalcore and rebel lyrics.

In 2016 the band remains of two members.The new singles Lost People (March 2016) and Inout (september 2016) shows that the musicians from Foucalt look for a new direction in their oeuvre, and are not afraid to go out beyond the frames set before. Heavy, melodic rhytms combined with wide spectrum of experimental vocals, mixed with interresting sounds and deep lyrics, creates original and meaningful compositions.

Listen to single Lost People:
Listen to single Inout:

Concerts of the group are performance like, where sounds, music, lights, and some forms of drama give a unique climate. Irony and humor, parody and caricature are the basic measures to show the grotesque, humor and absurdity of human existence.

The name of the band: Foucalt refers to the French thinker Michel Foucault and his works, beeing a main inspiration ground for the band.

Marek Chojna – drums;
Dariusz Wojdyga – vocal; guitar ;
Einar Evensen – guitar;
Szymon Perwejnis – guitar;
Pål Salvesen – bass;

Telefon: +47 47804657 (Dariusz Wojdyga)




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